(non-wood sites listed down below)

Hobbit House exotic wood ID site

wood anatomy discussion

example of wood end grain characteristics

wood micro pics w/ 300X microscope

my bowls

Exotic Veneers For Sale

look and feel of processed wood

wood figure and grain

wood terms defined, discussed, and illustrated

extensive, illustrated glossary of wood terms

bowl wood

my basement full of veneer

My Wood ID Presentation

bowl wood



The Hildebrand Generations

Alexandria's graduation ceremony

Taek and Alexandria's engagement

Taek and Alexandria's wedding

Paul Hinds miscellaneous stuff

balloon analogy


some colorful flowers

The Lindsey Family sing Heart of the Wood featuring Naomi, with lyrics

Hinds family dinner prior to Paul Hinds Senior's funeral

a public service I perform

how standards came about

A Lindsey Family Concert, 2007
including The Saga Of Elizabeth

A Lindsey Family Concert, 2011

a huge stitched image of the Manhattan skyline from New Jersey

1947 letter from my grandmother to mom and dad

Paul Hinds Sr. interred with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetary

Robert as Mark Twain at Peterborough

my Phoenix trip to visit Susie

picasso - a man who found his calling

my Seattle trip to visit Robert and Betsy

Stells (family friends from my very early youth)

Visual Basic Programming

... and finally, for those who are not faint of heart when it comes to foul language:

A lesson In Brooklynese