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B168 --- $125.00 --- this is the orientation view --- more pics down below

diameter: 10"
height: 3"

finish: one application of natural stain then 3 coats of high gloss spar polyurethane (with UV blocker)


base: sapele

view 1: chechem, afrormosia, douglas fir, ?, BOX

view 2: walnut, leopardwood, ?, redheart, walnut thin, BOX

view 3: curly maple, partridgewood, ?, billy webb wood, BOX

view 4: white oak, thick walnut veneer, birch, tulip poplar (with green tint), aromatic red cedar, BOX

view 5: Siam rosewood, osage orange, BOX

view 6: birch, bubinga veneer, maple veneer, bubinga veneer, birch, all sided by redheart, and then going on in towards the middle are birch(?), machiche(?), BOX

view 7: two half-ovals of tulip poplar with green tint separated by an aromatic red cedar thin, all backed by mahogany, partridgewood, maple, BOX

view 8: osage orange, ?(machiche?), paela, sapele, BOX

BOX: going up the middle; dark cocobolo, paela, thick walnut veneer, regular walnut veneer, padauk veneer, holly veneer, gaboon ebony veneer, aromatic red cedar thin, purpleheart, osage orange, and then at the very top ?(red) and ?(light tan). The lower slants are padauk and above them are padauk / partridgewood and then makore / cocobolo, two plies of ebony veneer, sipo, zircote (slanting opposite to the sipo and parallel to the osage orange)

flaws/issues: The chechem in view 1 has a pair of adjacent cracks on the lower left side. The larger of them is quite obvious to the touch. This is not a stress fracture, it is an internal flaw in the wood --- it just happens sometimes and this piece of chechem is so spectacular that I would have used it even if I had known in advance that the cracks were there. See bottom of page for closeup of the flaw. LATER: the osage orange pieces in the top of the BOX and in view 8 have darkened to golden tan but that makes fairly little difference to the beauty of the bowl. Still, I've dropped the price from $150 to $125 because of it.

comments: Aside from the cracks, the chechem in view 1 is really terrific (also, it looks better in reality that it does in the pics), and the curly maple in view 3 is quite nice. This one is hefty.

views 1c, 3c, 5c, and 7c

views 1b and 1d --- see bottom of page for closeup of 1b; this pic doesn't quite show the cracks but the one down below does.

view 1c as the bowl blank and then as the finished bowl

view 1b closeup showing the cracks