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C125 --- $NOT AVAILABLE --- this is the orientation view --- more pics down below

diameter: 7 1/2"
height: 2 1/2"

finish: an application of natural stain and then 3 coats of high gloss polyurethane


base: views 1 and 5 are prima vera backed by green-colored tulip poplar and view 3 and 7 are aromatic red cedar (these are also backed by green-colored tulip poplar, but the turning didn't get down that far and the green felt covers up the bottom, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

view 1: mahogany, ? (probably andiroba), BOX

view 2: walnut

view 3: padauk, holly veneer, mahogany?, BOX

view 4: mahogany, osage orange, BOX

view 5: redwood, padauk, BOX

view 6: sapele, hard maple thin, thick walnut veneer, hard maple thin, thick walnut veneer, hard maple thin, ? (probably sapele with interlocked grain), BOX

view 7: bocote, very high ring-count Douglas fir, BOX

view 8: sapele, yellowheart (could be osage orange), BOX

BOX: corners are: lower left = canary, lower right = aromatic red cedar, uppers are both African mahogany. Lower middle wedege is sassafras, top middle wedge is aromatic red cedar, left side wedge is ? (mahogany or sapele) and right side wedge is mahogany. lower middle is makore? sided by tzalam and upper middle is Peruvian walnut sided by birch

flaws/issues: There is a hairline separation up the middle of the BOX and there is a slightly more obvious separation at the inner edge of the andiroba(?) in view 1 and although you can't really see it, it can be readily felt with the finger. These are minor and don't detract from the beauty of the bowl, and it has been on the shelf for over a year, so is extremely unlikely to exhibit further separation(s).

comments: The pics do not, and as far as I can tell cannot, show the real beauty of the SHAPE on this piece. I am just delighted by the graceful curve of the rim.

The douglas fir in view 7 has such a high ring count that unless you have very sharp eyes, it requires a magnifying glass to see that it is not just some bland tan wood.

This bowl does not have a UV blocker in the finish so some of the woods have darkened slightly since the pics were taken.

views 3b and 7b

views 5c and 5d

view 1c as the bowl blank and then as the finished bowl