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C170 --- $35.00 --- this is the orientation view --- more pics down below. See notes on "flaws" below

diameter: 9 1/2"
height: 3"

finish: 8 thin coats of satin-finish spar polyurethane (with UV blocker)


base: santos mahogany

view 1: bloodwood backed by osage orange and both over hard maple, then aromatic red cedar, padauk, BOX

view 2: two pieces of olivewood sandwiching ebony veneer and sided by Honduras mahogany and all of that over aromatic red cedar and backed by wenge, ambrosia maple (a piece not exhibiting any wormholes), BOX

view 3: chechem, padauk, shedua, BOX

view 5: ambrosia maple, oxhorn, cabreuva, BOX

view 7: two pieces of Honduras rosewood sandwiching maple veneer and backed by macawood, wenge, BOX

view 8: African blackwood over purpleheart, curly maple, purpleheart, BOX

BOX: at the very top, running along the cabreuva of view 5, is, from the center outward in both direction: wenge, 2 plies of maple veneer, yellowheart. At the bottom is a pair of wedges of partridgewood and over each of them is red birch(?), then in the middle is wenge sided by osage orange sided by pine

flaws/issues: Although I used the osage orange in the BOX knowing that it had a dark colored knot in it, I do not like the result as much as I expected to and I realize some will consider this a serious flaw in the bowl, so I have priced it lower than I otherwise would. I chose the piece because it shows a really nice set of tight grain lines, and these are brought out even more near the knot, but still it just doesn't look as good as I had thought it would. There's a closeup down below to help you see it better.

The ambrosia maple in view 5 has wormholes that are WHY it is "ambrosia" maple and these are definitely character, not flaws.

The glue joint between the osage orange with the knot in it and the pine next to it is noticeably poor.

LATER: the osage orange and redheart pieces have all darkened and more importantly the entire upper edge of the box AND the left edge now show a stress separation that is barely visible unless you know where to look, BUT ... if you angle the bowl just right, you can see a hairline crack all the way through the bowl. Normally with this kind of issue I just put the bowl in the bar-b-que fire pit next time I have a fire, but the visual impact of this bowl is not reduced at all by the separation so instead of burning it, I've reduce the price down to next to nothing.

comments: The chechem in view 3 is highly chatoyant although this is muted by the satin-finish polyurethane.

views 1d and 3c

views 5b and 8b

views 5c and 7c

closeup of the osage orange knot

view 1c as the bowl blank and then as the finished bowl