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C242 --- $50.00 --- this is the orientation view --- more pics down below

diameter: 9"
height: 2 1/4"

finish: 10 thin coats of satin-finish spar polyurethane (with UV blocker)


base: walnut

view 1: paela, purpleheart, BOX

view 2: zircote, mulberry, padauk veneer, Honduras rosewood (with a color shift), BOX

view 4: staghorn sumac, mulberry, shedua, BOX

view 5: white oak, prima vera, aromatic red cedar, all over aromatic red cedar, then cowtree over shedua over prima vera, then purpleheart, BOX

view 6: sycamore, mulberry, shedua, BOX

view 8: padauk, Honduras rosewood (with a color shift), BOX

BOX: bottom up; prima vera, iroko, redheart, partridgewood, red maple, purpleheart veneer, river birch, ebony veneer, partridgewood, hard maple, river birch, a thin of ?, redheart, iroko, prima vera (with blue stain)

flaws/issues: The staghorn sumac in view 4 has a cylinder of pith running straight through it and the pith, being VERY soft, sanded down quite a bit more than the surrounding wood, especially on the inside of the rim (actually its very minor on the outside of the rim), and you can feel the depressions inside the rim. I specifically and knowingly chose this piece BECAUSE it was the center of the tree and thus has very close-curved grain; the resulting figure on the outside of the rim was as spectacular as I expected (see view 4b below) and, I believe, does make up for the pith being there. The cowtree in view 5 has a couple of small cracks that are are minor. The mulberry pieces have darkened some since the bowl was new.

More seriously, this bowl has developed a separation at the inner edge of the mulberry in view 2; it is barely noticeably visibly but quite noticeable with your finger (this is on the upper side unfortunately ... on the bottom it is not visible and you can barely feel it). Also, there is messy chipout along the upper edge of the iroko at the top of the BOX and when you catch the light right, it is quite visible. I have lowered the price because of these flaws.

comments: The staghorn sumac in view 4, although flawed by the pith, is really gorgeous and the paela in view 1 is beautiful as well.

views 5c and 1d

views 4b and 7b

view 1c as the bowl blank and then as the finished bowl