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G9 --- $SOLD --- this is the orientation view --- more pics down below

diameter: 8"
height: 5 1/2"

finish: one application of natural stain then 2 coats of high gloss spar polyurethane (with UV blocker)


base: upper portion is 4 pieces of yellowheart. Lower section view 1 is osage orange, lacewood, 2 tiny surfaces of okoume. View 3 is walnut, white oak, green-tinted tulip poplar. View 5 is identical to view 1. View 7 is sycamore, green-tinted tulip poplar.

center: mahogany (4 center sections and the little wedges at the corners of the center section)

view 1: left chunk is cocobolo, then the slants are osage orange, walnut, padauk veneer, fir, padauk, maple veneer. On the right is a chunk of cocobolo over maple veneer over another chunk of cocobolo. All of that is backed by makore, purpleheart veneer, ? (spanish cedar?). Under the cocobolo-and-slants lamination is ? (probably makore) then walnut.

view 2: aromatic red cedar over padauk over bocote over a tiny wedge of maple

view 3: snakewood over a complex lamination of paela and aromatic red cedar over dark cocobolo all backed by anigre over padauk over walnut then maple veneer, machiche.

view 4: mahogany over tulip poplar over thick mahogany veneer over maple veneer over thick walnut veneer over maple veneer over thick mahogany veneer over maple veneer over thick walnut veneer over african blackwood over padauk over holly veneer over machiche over cowtree.

view 5: lower left wedge is red oak, then bocote, padauk, canary, padauk veneer, maple veneer, purpleheart veneer, maple veneer, bocote over ? (probably african blackwood but could be zircote). Above all that is maple veneer and above that is machiche(?), all backed by aromatic red cedar and underneath it all is aromatic red cedar.

view 6: sycamore over lacewood

view 7: a little oval of ? backed by maple veneer and behind that is honduras rosewood sided by tatajuba. Under all that is ebony veneer then ? (light tan), then bubinga, and all of the aforegoing is backed by aromatic red cedar

view 8: sycamore over lacewood

flaws/issues: the aromatic red cedar inside view 7 has a knot with some streaking throught it. This is wood character, not a flaw. That piece also has a small crack along the upper rim which is arguably either a flaw or wood character, take your pick.

The aromatic red cedar inside view 5 was chosen because of the heavy blue stain in the sapwood.

comments: The yellowheart in the base is highly chatoyant as is the bubinga at the bottom of view 7. All four major views have complex laminations, as you can see from the pics below and I particularly like the slanted ones in views 1 and 5.

views 1a and 3a

views 5a and 7a

views 6b and 5d

view 1b as bowl blank and as the finished bowl