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N18 --- $SOLD --- this is the orientation view --- more pics down below

diameter: 10 1/2"
height: 2 1/2"

finish: one application of natural stain then 3 coats of high gloss spar polyurethane (with UV blocker)


base: mahogany

view 1: hard maple, canary, BOX

view 2: red oak

view 3: red oak, redheart, bocote, yellowheart, bubinga (the bubinga goes under the yellowheart and the bocote), zircote, mahogany, pine, mahogany, padauk veneer, BOX. Under the zircote, mahogany and pine is (visible only from the bottom) bocote, padauk veneer, hard maple veneer.

view 4: padauk, limba (the dark lines are not spalting but are traces of a bug-induced fungus)

view 5: bocote, cypress, redheart (somewhat pinkish), padauk, BOX

view 6: red oak, jucaro

view 7: bubinga, sycamore, redheart, bocote, redheart, mahogany, ? (the ? goes under the mahogany, redheart and bocote, and under it on the bottom is yellowheart), ash, grenadillo, hard maple veneer, ? (probably sapele), BOX. On the bottom, under the ?, hard maple veneer, and grendadillo is bocote then oak.

view 8: paela, redheart (pinkish)

BOX: The bottom triangle is ?, then cocobolo and mahogany, with padauk above the cocobolo. Above the mahogany is ebony veneer, which is also present above the padauk. Above both ebony veneers is mahogany (nicely chatoyant). From the middle of the box (at the top of the mahogany) up: padauk, ebony veneer, sapele, and the a vertical lamination of (from the center outward): douglas fir, ebony veneer, yellowheart, sapele.

NOTE: the yellowheart in the box does not look like the rest of the yellowheart in this bowl --- it's from a different plank.

flaws/issues: the bocote in view 3 has a slight flaw (a crack line with some discoloration along its edges) and the bocote in view 7 has a small gum inclusion as does the bocote on the bottom of view 3 towards the center. All 3 of these flaws are obvious both visually and by touch but they are small. The crack in the large piece of bocote in view 3 was visible but the piece had such excellent grain that I decided to use it anyway and I think the result proved it to be a good choice.

The mahogany base is rougher to the touch than it should be.

comments: To me, this bowl is simply spectacular! I really liked what I built up as the "BOX" on this one and after that I felt that this one could be among my best, so I took extra care in selecting the other pieces that I added to the blank and I am just delighted with the result. The woods I select for these bowls sometimes look worse that I expect them to (and occasionally better) but on this bowl, everything turned out just GREAT, with the slight exception of the minor flaws in the bocote. The shape is a totally new one for me and I love it (so will certainly do more of them) and that combined with the excellent appearance of the woods selected make this what I feel is the best bowl I've turned up to this point (July '06)

view 1d and a closeup of the box (the light on the box was very bright for this pic --- in normal lighting, it isn't quite this bright, as you can see from other pics on this page, but it's beautiful)

views 7b and 8a

views 1c, 3c, 5c, and 7c

view 1c as a bowl blank then raw (fresh off the lathe) then with one coat of natural stain then as the finished bowl