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N25 --- $SOLD --- this is the orientation view --- more pics down below

diameter: 8 3/4"
height: 2 3/4"

finish: one application of natural stain then two coats of high gloss spar polyurethane (with UV blocker)


base: aromatic red cedar under red oak

view 1: dark cocobolo with sapwood, exceptionally fine piece of padauk, BOX

view 2: padauk, aromatic red cedar with sapwood, BOX

view 3: padauk, BOX

view 4: wenge, zebrawood, canary, BOX

view 5: cocobolo over a hard maple thin over padauk over a cherry thin and all backed by a lamination of thick veneer (hard maple and walnut veneer) then a wedge of ? (light brown)

view 6: afrormosia, boxwood, aromatic red cedar, BOX

view 7: tzalam(?) with a small bug track

view 8: mahogany, hard maple veneer, afrormosia, padauk veneer, BOX

BOX: middle, bottom up = cocobolo, white limba (with orange bug streak), walnut (I forget whether this is American black or Peruvian --- I often can't tell the difference on small pieces) sided by hard maple veneer then quartersawn wenge. Upper wedges = ? (light colored). On the left, aromatic red cedar and on the right quartersawn flaky American red elm

flaws/issues: This one is so outstandingly beautiful that it makes my other ones look bad. :-)

There is a small separation along the top of the box --- although you can see it, it is not especially noticeable visually but it is definitely noticeable if you rub your fingernail over it. There is an even thinner hairline separation running along the BOX side of the aromatic red cedar in view 6, but even though it is quite thin you can just barely manage to see all the way through the bowl through it if you line it up just right.

comments: I will not be disappointed if no one ever buys this, as it is one of the ones that I like having around because of the "oooh"s and "aaahh"s that it gets when people visit.

view 5a

views 2a and 5b

view 5d

view 5e, just to emphasize how gorgeous some of the woods in this bowl are (note the long orange bug track in the white limba). Incredible as it sounds, the padauk actually looks BETTER than what you see here because it is slightly chatoyant, and the quartersawn wenge grain is a little more apparent that what you see here

view 7a showing the bug track in the ??? (tzalam, I'm pretty sure)

view 1a when it was just a bowl blank

views 1a through 8a