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N61 --- $SOLD --- this is the orientation view --- more pics down below

diameter: 9"
height: 2 1/2"

finish: an application of natural stain followed by 3 coats of high gloss spar polyurthane (with UV blocker)


base: American black walnut

view 1: aromatic red cedar, sapele?, ebony veneer, walnut, cherry, BOX

view 2: cocobolo

view 3: aromatic red cedar over walnut over oak, mahogany, padauk, BOX

view 4: aromatic red cedar, cocobolo with sapwood, bloodwood, cocobolo

view 5: small oval of eucalyptus then the middle, from the top: redheart, oak, mahogany veneer, maple veneer, mahogany veneer, bocote, mahogany veneer, maple veneer, padauk veneer. All of that sided by cocobolo over padauk over ? and under all of the preceeding is a thin arc of aromatic red cedar. Behind all of the preceeding is mahogany, padauk, BOX

view 6: sipo, makore

view 7: aromatic red cedar backed by cocobolo and both over paela w/ flaws. all backed by mahogany, padauk, BOX

view 8: red oak

BOX: bottom is cocobolo, top is pine over thick mahogany veneer. In the middle is cocobolo sided by canary sided by sen sided by the padauk of views 3 and 7. The sen is showing a quartersawn surface on the left piece and a flat cut surface on the right piece, so it is not immediately apparent that they are the same wood.

flaws/issues: The paela in view 7 has gum pockets on the bottom but that was the price I paid for the dark streaks which I like. This is a marvelously chatoyant piece and I'm quite pleased with it but I understand that some people will see the gum pockets as flaws so I point them out.

There's a tiny indentation in the very center where I was careless about not making sure the whole surface was flat. Don't quite know how I missed this, but I did. Sometimes these things are hard to see until the polyurethane is applied then they stick out like a sore thumb (this one isn't bad at all but is visually noticeable although imperceptable to the touch)

The base is slightly rougher to the touch than I normally allow

comments: I am particularly pleased with the BOX on this one --- really excellent pieces of cocobolo and canary in what I find to be a very pleasing design.

views 1c and 5d

views 3a, 5c, and 7b

view 1c, first as the bowl blank, then raw (fresh off the lathe), then with an application of natural stain, then as the finished bowl