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N62 --- $150 --- this is the orientation view --- more pics down below and see notes below on "flaws/issues"

diameter: 9 1/2"
height: 2 1/2"

finish: one application of natural stain then 2 coats of high gloss spar polyurethane (with UV blocker)


base: sipo

view 1: yellowheart, paela, jatoba, paela, BOX

view 2: prima vera, white oak, ?, all over aromatic red cedar then bocote and the BOX

view 3: mahogany, Honduras rosewood, douglas fir, BOX

view 4: zircote, maple veneer

view 5: zircote, chenchen veneer, redheart, lacewood, BOX

view 6: snakewood

view 7: sipo, zircote over makore over zircote, makore, wenge, douglas fir, BOX

view 8: ? over oxhorn then douglas fir (most of which got turned off) over oxhorn, all over hard maple (which only show on the top as a thin arc) then padauk, BOX

BOX: from the bottom up the middle: pine, cocobolo, yellowheart, redheart, two layers of ebony veneer, wenge. Lower slants are wenge thins and above that, going out from the yellowheart is hard maple then ebony veneer, then paela then purpleheart veneer. At the top, to the sides of the wenge is sycamore sided by little wedges of ? and at the top corners, wedges of longhi.

flaws/issues: There are a couple of rough spots on the bottom, one that appears to be a void in the Honduras rosewood (this one is in the pic of view 5d below but is so small that you can't see it at all in the pic) and the other that appears to be a chipped edge on the wenge (you can see this one at the lower right side of the wenge in view 5d below). These are minor, but noticeable, especially the wenge one.

The snakewood in view 6 is only lightly figured and has a very thin crack that shows up as a lighter colored line. The crack is very common for this species and it is also common that you can't see the crack until the wood has been fine-sanded.

There is a stress-induced crack in the padauk of view 8 and there is a tiny stress separation along the upper left side of the BOX that show up more significantly on the bottom, but still doesn't detract seriously from the beauty of the bowl. I have reduced the price because of the flaws, from $225 down to $175.

LATER: The stress separation mentioned above has worsened but because of the numerous pieces of double-thickness ebony veneer's having created a lot of black lines in the BOX, the eye is fooled at first into thinking that the separation is just another such line (but you can feel it on both the top and bottom of the box). So, although the separation is significant, it does not detract from the beauty of the really gorgeous bowl. Also, a couple of the woods have darkened noticeably. Still, I'm only reducing the price from $175 to $150 because of all this. Considering that the price was originally a very reasonable $225 and two rounds of reductions have taken it down to $150, it's a good deal.

comments: The zircote in view 4 was a real standout when the wood was raw and in fact dictated the shape of the bowl because I just HAD to do a vertical side to keep the full effect of the ray flakes on this piece. Unfortunately, they do not show up nearly as well now that the polyurethane has been applied. I'm pleased with the overall pattern of this bowl, especially the BOX and the zircote pieces. The wenge in view 7 looks great and the redheart in view 5 is also particularly nice.

view 1c

view 4b

views 3a and 5d

view 1c, first as the bowl blank, then raw (fresh off the lathe), then with an application of natural stain, then as the finished bowl.