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N68 --- $150.00 --- this is the orientation view --- more pics down below

diameter: 10"
height: 2 1/2"

finish: one application of natural stain then 3 coats of high gloss spar polyurethane (with UV blocker)


base: sapele

view 1: mahogany then buckthorn, both over wenge, then sipo, BOX

view 2: dark cocobolo, maple, ebony veneer, redheart, BOX

view 3: canary, mahogany, canary, BOX

view 4: redheart, sycamore, BOX

view 5: a tiny sliver of yellowheart, then redheart, both over sipo and all backed by aromatic red cedar then maple veneer, tulipwood, BOX

view 6: lightly mottled sapele, bocote, anigre, BOX

view 7: chechem, wenge, thick birch veneer, canary, BOX

view 8: ?(light brown wood), chechem(?), paela, BOX

BOX: bottom up; billy webb wood, wenge, yellowheart, ebony veneer, redheart, two layers of ebony veneer, sapele. The sapele at the top is sided by two layers of ebony veneer, maple, cocobolo. The lower right and left slants are mahogany and above them is two layers of ebony veneer then paela. The upper right slants (the one on the right is barely visible) are redheart

flaws/issues: none. LATER: Both cocobolo/maple joints in the top of the box have developed VERY minor separations that cannot be seen and which are evident to the touch but not terribly much so. Still, I hate these separations and have dropped the price just a bit accordingly.

comments: This one is just gorgeous, I think. The woods are exceptionally nice through out and the pattern of the BOX is quite striking both because of the excellent wood and also because of the use of the double thicknesses of ebony veneer to set off several of the woods. Also, the undercut rim is particularly nice on this one and gives the top a very nice curve.

Particular standtouts are the buckthorn in view 1, the outside canary in view 3, the slightly curly tulipwood in view 5 and the chechem in view 7. The particular cut of the wenge in view 1 is not accidental and the resulting face grain is particularly nice (and even better on the bottom of the bowl)

view 1c

views 3c, 5c, 7c

views 4b and 5d

view 1c as bowl blank and as the finished bowl