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N100 --- $95.00 --- this is the orientation view --- more pics down below

diameter: 9 1/2"
height: 2 1/4"

finish: one application of natural stain then 3 coats of high gloss spar polyurethane (with UV blocker)


base: Honduras mahogany

view 1: santos mahogany, BOX

view 2: curly oxhorn, black ash, aromatic red cedar, birch veneer, padauk veneer, birch veneer, aromatic red cedar, wenge, BOX

view 3: olive, an almost imperceptably sliver of osage orange, cocobolo over machiche, aromatic red cedar, then to the left and right of all that are wedges of redheart, and then yew, sapele, osage orange, BOX

view 4: bird's eye maple, cocobolo, padauk and osage orange side by side

view 5: wenge, imbuia, cherry, BOX

view 6: purpleheart, padauk

view 7: box elder over box elder and sided by osange orange on the left and machiche on the right, then machiche, fir, redheart, BOX

view 8: inside the rim is a wedge of prima vera, then walnut veneer, aromatic red cedar, birch veneer, padauk veneer, birch veneer, aromatic red cedar, padauk veneer

BOX: the central 2 sections are Honduras mahogany. The large slants in the middle are redheart. The lower slant is canary and the upper slant is ebony veneer

flaws/issues: none. LATER: the yellow woods have darkened considerably since the pics were taken many years ago so the bowl has a more subdued look.

comments: The two adjacent pieces of box elder in view 7 are real standouts, with excellent capture of the red streaking that is this wood's claim to fame.

I really like the design on the BOX in this one, and the strong color of the woods on both sides of it and the wenge slant under it.

view 1c

views 2b and 7b

views 5d and 6a

view 1c as the bowl blank then as the finished bowl