dragonflys --- in both cases, the 2nd enlargement REALLY shows some details (you can count the leg spines)

a bee and a fly --- just practising w/ the macro closeup

sequence capturing a hummingbird landing on a feeder

wasp drinking at the same hummingbird feeder

shot this at a nursery where they had just misted the flowers

more flowers

bird --- nothing special, just practicising w/ the 35X zoom

duck pics are easy to get but I particularly enjoyed this one, with the way the reflection looks --- note also the red underwing that you can see in the reflection below the blue area of outer wing. The 2nd enlargement shows some excellent details of the feathering.

"Itsey", as I call him, would have fit on my thumbnail. He was sitting on a 2" wide flower (insert). This is a terrific example of the macro closeup.

This little fellow didn't seem to want his picture taken and offered to pound me into the ground if I persisted

fed this guy and then asked him to pose for me, which he very nicely did

A particularly nice dawn view from my bedroom window into Manhattan when I had an appartment in West New York, NJ --- the colors are NOT retouched; it really looked like that

"stitched" image of a misty Manhattan morning, taken from near my apartment in West New York, NJ